haven was created by and fordesign & construction professionals

As a local company rooted in the Indianapolis design & construction industry, we have unique insight into the challenges — and frustrations — of growing and thriving in today’s market. We help you develop a sound marketing strategy, create compelling content and deploy it through our network of media channels so you can start connecting with your ideal clients.

David Decker

Owner and Founder of ACo, Haven, and Hub & Spoke

A persistent and successful entrepreneur, David Decker is the founder and visionary of Haven, a design and construction industry marketing firm & lifestyle publication. He is also the founder and owner of ACo, a flooring, cabinet and kitchen & bath remodeling company. His latest endeavor, Hub & Spoke, is a one-of-a-kind mixed use development that features a Design Center with retail showrooms, Coworking space, and a state-of-the-art Makerspace where hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and students are empowered to create and innovate their future through hands-on experiential learning.

Growing up in a family-run business, Decker spent his summers working alongside his father, where he learned the values of a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial ethos. His subsequent college experience sparked an awareness of the need to fuse industry and education, due to the glaring absence of hands-on learning from his college courses. After discovering a love of architecture, but not getting the experience he wanted, he left school to pursue working full-time. Decker finally found his passion when he launched his design and remodeling company. Since then, his drive for growth has led him to expand ACo, evolve Haven into a media powerhouse, and encourage others through Hub & Spoke to uncover their own purpose and passion.

Erik Anderson

Head of Brand & Design

A true problem solver at heart, Erik is intimately involved with all aspects of developing brands and websites from conception to implementation. If there’s a way to do something, Erik will find it. If there isn’t a way, he’ll create one. It’s the kind of creative and critical thinking that can’t be taught. For the past 20+ years Erik has been solving problems for clients B2B, B2C and Higher Ed. His marketing know-how complements his design sensibilities like a one-two punch. When he’s not solving problems he loves spending time with wife and 4 kids.


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