the setup

Reynolds Concrete was tired of being just another “last name concrete company” when they approached the Haven team. Their hope was to generate more leads through a simple and functional website, and to put special emphasis on drawing new talent to join the team.

the solutions
Telling the Story

Bringing the family business into the future presented a challenge for Ben Driskell. He turned to Haven Media to help define the brand and tell the story for Flatmade Concrete.

Brand Identity, Logo & Messaging

The goal was to modernize the Reynolds brand by creating a new name, logo and messaging. Haven pitched the name “Flatmade Concrete” and it stuck, standing out from the rest. This was the kickstart to the brand overhaul, informing all other decisions throughout the process. Following this came the company’s new, rugged logo, clear messaging and a brand voice that felt representative of the team behind the work.


We believe that quality, pride of work, and a product that lasts and looks amazing is more important than the typical who-can-do-it-cheaper approach. When the work is done our clients stand on concrete they can count on for years to come, concrete made right.

Print Collateral

Choosing a company to complete your concrete project is a very large, and permanent, decision! The Flatmade team strives to offer clients clear communication around what the team can accomplish and in what time frame. This is all reflected in the Flatmade print collateral in the hopes of offering potential client’s peace of mind, and trust in the Flatmade team and its abilities.

Video & Photography

Refreshed videos and images were created to embody the Flatmade team’s expertise and culture. These videos serve as a draw for both potential clients and potential team members as they capture what it is like to work with and for Flatmade Concrete.

Website Design & Development

Finally, the company’s website was overhauled to reflect brand updates. Along with this came back-of-house updates such as refreshed site pages, CTAs and layouts.

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the haven difference

“At Haven, it’s all about understanding our client’s needs and then partnering with them to find solutions that help them achieve their goals,” says Haven Founder and CEO, David Decker. “Often these suggestions are tried and true staples, but frequently they might include a new and exciting idea like the virtual process we created for BAGI. By combining our industry acumen with creative solutions, we are able to help our clients succeed.”

Learn more about the Haven Difference, our process that integrates expansive knowledge and experience in the design and construction fields with insight into what works — and what doesn’t — in marketing and advertising. Connect with us for help creating your own unique Live & Connected Home Show to meet the needs of an ever-changing world.