the setup

It started with a need, educating Hoosiers and connecting with legislators on attainable housing.  

Haven developed a multi-phase project to create an advocacy campaign for the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI) and the Indiana Builder’s Association (IBA) – Build Indiana Roots. Haven created/developed branding, a website, video campaign, and other tools that would create the advocacy campaign they needed.  

Increasing housing costs are stifling the growth of communities across Indiana. When new households are unable to put down roots, the community struggles to thrive. Build Indiana Roots’ goal was to educate Hoosiers on achievable housing and advocate responsible, balanced housing policies, so all residents can achieve their home buying dreams.  



The associations had the right people in place on their end, but they needed Haven’s expertise in creating a campaign from scratch, coordinating with multiple stakeholders (BAGI and IBA), finding a way to appeal to both government agencies and the general public, developing messaging that resonates with NIMBY’s (Not In My Back Yard), the greater community, and legislators. 

The goals of the initial campaign: 

  • Connect with legislators 
  • Educate the general public 
  • Paint a picture of the life cycle of a community 
  • Develop a resource toolkit for builders by crafting a narrative that elevates the importance of how attainable housing benefits the entire community 
  • Develop and grow social media  

With the goals in hand, Haven developed a strategy to achieve the needs of Build Indiana Roots.  

the solutions

Buildout of the framework   

Haven Media took a deep dive to understand details for architectural standards and how this would affect the market campaign. Haven’s strategy combining branding and content creation built a strong brand. From logo design to website development, establishing and writing an educational and informative blog series, an ebook, a Prezi Presentation and video campaign met the goals in hand.  

Develop Content 

Diving into content creation, Haven built out additional details and addressed issues in the Prezi Presentation, including NIMBYism, government regulations and property taxes. Haven provided collateral piece(s)/infographics related to the main tenets of the campaign – architectural standards, affordability as it relates to local government regulations, tax caps/need for housing, addressing NIMBYism and pieces relating to consumer choice, and ultimately implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Haven created the right tools Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI) and the Indiana Builder’s Association (IBA) needed to connect with legislators and the general public.  

Awareness Campaigns, Content and Promotion 

Social media and newsletter platforms were completed, and social media campaigns and monthly newsletters were launched to keep followers educated and up to date. 

Haven Media created magazine articles, weekly social media publishing, video campaign production and a continuation of website development and buildout.  

Through ongoing support of email marketing efforts and CRM management, management of social media platforms, metric reporting and build out buyer persona, Haven was able to continue increased awareness of the advocacy campaign.

the results

Build Indiana Roots’ advocacy campaign officially launched in November of 2020, educating legislators and Hoosiers on achievable housing, the benefits to communities, and advocating responsible, balanced housing policies. (Visit Build Indiana Roots’ website).

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A strong, compelling marketing strategy not only conveys your competitive differentiators, it empowers you to reach and connect with your target audience. Like Build Indiana Roots, you have unique skills, values and strengths: shine a spotlight on them. Connect with Haven today, we’ll help you create marketing and advertising that enables you to tell your story of expertise with impact.