the setup

You build homes, communities, and cities. You ensure that your clients are not only proud of their results, but fully satisfied with the process that enabled them to realize their vision. In today’s marketplace, consumers are more sophisticated and educated than ever; they conduct extensive research before selecting a builder, contractor, or home design expert. Reaching them where they are is essential, and this means building a marketing strategy that is as strong and compelling as your brand.

Haven helped G&G Custom Homes reach their ideal clients and clearly convey their commitment to quality, personalization, relationships, and trust. Haven assisted them in developing and executing a multi-faceted strategy that encompasses all aspects of their online presence, from website to social media, as well as print media.

the who

G&G Custom Homes builds forever homes. They cater to the buyer who has been waiting for this opportunity all their life and wants each detail to be thoughtfully considered and meticulously executed — without compromise. The G&G team, led by Joe Garcia, builds ten to fifteen homes each year. Working with a select number of clients not only enables an industry-leading level of personalization, it ensures the final results are worthy of each homeowner’s dream.

Many of the homeowners who come to G&G have been disappointed in previous experiences with other builders. From common frustrations with schedules and budget overruns to full-blown horror stories of errant contractors and money-pit results, they have been disappointed and disillusioned with the process. Joe strives to deliver the home they want from the start.

From developing an in-depth understanding of the homeowners’ style to nailing down expectations in terms of budgets and timelines well before the project begins, there will be no surprises. Only joy and gratification with both the process and, of course, the finished product-a home built for living!


Prior to working with Haven G&G was experiencing limited digital engagement, an influx of unqualified leads, and wasted time and effort that could have been better spent on serving clients and building the business.

Because G&G Custom Homes intentionally limits the number of projects they take on each year – prioritizing the process of building not only elegant homes but strong relationships – it’s paramount they reach and connect with an exclusive clientele. Their digital and print presence plays a significant role in their current growth and future success.

Through our discovery process we determined areas for improvement in their marketing strategy:

  • Website Refresh. The old website lacked clarity and consistency, which created friction for clients considering G&G Homes. For many of G&G’s prospects, their first introduction to the company is via their website. The homes they build are warm and welcoming, but their website needed an update to be more engaging and easier to navigate.
  • Logo Redesign. The logo did not match or represent their image or the quality of homes they build, and G&G wanted to ensure their branding presented a fresh, uncluttered, and attractive logo on their website, marketing campaigns, business cards, and other critical assets to better represent the work they do.
  • Brand Message. G&G’s tagline was “Quality & Trust with a Green Touch.” While clear, it did not encompass the full spectrum of the custom home builder’s services. Green building is a niche market, and while G&G is proficient in this area, they felt it limited them and did not communicate the right message to homeowners.
  • Social Engagement. While G&G already did better than most custom home builders, we knew there was an opportunity for significant improvement. Social media is a crucial element in building relationships, establishing trust, and providing the social “proof” that your company is a trusted solution. G&G wanted to do more than just post pretty photos of their projects; they wanted to engage more effectively with their community.
  • Integrated Strategy. G&G needed quality print content for potential clients to take away something tangible. Traditional marketing reaches a wide audience, has a high success rate, and offers easily accessible information. It is important to combine digital techniques with in-person interactions to produce optimal results.
the solutions

When Joe Garcia was looking to take his brand to the next level, he turned to Haven Media. With a full rebrand for G&G Custom Homes featuring a new logo, website, and brand message, the last several years have proven a huge success.


  • Developing a strong anchor statement. The newly crafted G&G Custom Homes anchor statement leaves no room for doubt about what they do – and what they can do for their clients.

    At G&G Custom Homes we build homes for clients that want to avoid the stresses of an average custom home build. Our owner, Joe, believes a house should be a reflection of the people and families that call it home. By selecting only a limited number of homes to build each year, Joe develops a close working relationship with each family and works directly with them from start to finish. This provides a memorable experience and a house they are proud to call their forever home.

  • Updating the G&G Custom Homes logo. The company’s assets now feature a sleek, streamlined logo. It cuts the clutter and incorporates G&G’s new color palette and fonts – essential components of a cohesive brand identity.
  • Creating a new tagline that captures their passion and focus. “Built for Living” emphasizes the company’s commitment to building forever homes. Instead of focusing on niche green building, they emphasize their ability to create beautiful, high efficiency homes that are built to suit the lifestyle of the homeowner.

G&G’s revamped website is clean, welcoming, and bright. With a consistent color palette, font, and visual elements, it creates a cohesive experience for clients. It’s easy to navigate and contacting the G&G team is simple. Just the way it should be!

video & content creation

Blogs, videos, photos, and interactive tools. Creating fresh content, targeted for different stages of the buyer’s journey to move leads through the sales funnel helps G&G engage with past, current, and potential buyers as well as their community. New blogs, videos, photos, and interactive tools like a budget calculator deliver a consistent brand message, and these content assets are utilized in an integrated marketing strategy across digital platforms and through print media.


Nurturing an engaged social community. Utilizing both existing photos and generating new content, Haven’s social team creates targeted and engaging posts on a regular, proven schedule. G&G’s social profiles are helpful, vibrant, and there is an increased level of interaction.


G&G featured a 2-page spread in each issue of Haven Magazine, providing educational content to draw in potential clients. Haven also created a gorgeous coffee table style G&G Custom Homes magazine, outlining the home building process and featuring several recent projects. Content was created new or curated from the blog to suit. These print assets hold tremendous value in the design and construction space, and not just for professionals. Customers want — need — physical resources as they consider building, renovation, remodeling projects, and other home services.

the results

Measuring the results of any marketing/branding initiative is crucial. Are you getting the ROI you need? It is a question all brands must ask – and answer – to ensure their efforts are, in fact, working to boost their brand profile and bottom line.

We tracked several key measurements for G&G Custom Homes across social media and their website to determine ROI:

Moving the needle on these metrics takes time. For example, utilizing targeted keywords can help sites rank better in search results after Google has crawled through the content. G&G saw major improvements across the board.

If You Build It…

A strong, compelling marketing strategy not only conveys your competitive differentiators, it empowers you to reach and connect with your target audience. Like G&G Custom Homes, you have unique skills, values and strengths: shine a spotlight on them. Connect with Haven today, we’ll help you create marketing and advertising that enables you to tell your story of expertise with impact.