the setup

MeanGreen was on a mission to establish legitimization in the marketplace. Coming from humble beginnings as a family business, Haven’s goal was to make MeanGreen feel like a serious contender in the electric mower market while honoring their roots and overall image. Haven accomplished this by updating and creating cohesion within the company’s website, print collateral, photography and video, social promotion and more.

the solutions
Brand Identity, Logo & Messaging

The first step in presenting MeanGreen as an industry leader was ensuring the company’s branding was representative of the team’s culture and offerings. MeanGreen’s previous logo featured a goblin that was near and dear to their history. Haven worked to develop a new logo that not only honored MeanGreen’s past but visually positioned them as a serious contender in the electric mower marketplace.

Video & Photography

It is important to present audience members a clear image of your company’s brand. Haven focused on capturing MeanGreen’s culture and offerings in its truest form, allowing audience members to connect with the brand on a deeper level.

Website Design & Development

Haven focused on making MeanGreen’s website as user friendly as possible, ensuring all web pages and CTAs were clear and easy to follow. Features like the Budget Calculator and Dealer Locator put customers one step closer to making a purchase while freeing up time for the MeanGreen Sales Team.

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Sales Enablement

The Haven team streamlined MeanGreen’s sales process through HubSpot, ensuring that behind-the-scenes processes were just as updated and audience-focused as the company’s new branding. This proved to be critical in the management of trade show and online leads.

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Social Promotion & Blog Writing

It is just as important to articulate a brand’s message through writing as it is through imagery. The Haven and MeanGreen teams collaborated to create a relevant blog schedule for the year, supporting that through social media posts and imagery. Combining updated imagery and succinct written messaging resulted in an attention-grabbing and effective social media campaign.

the haven difference

“At Haven, it’s all about understanding our client’s needs and then partnering with them to find solutions that help them achieve their goals,” says Haven Founder and CEO, David Decker. “Often these suggestions are tried and true staples, but frequently they might include a new and exciting idea like the virtual process we created for BAGI. By combining our industry acumen with creative solutions, we are able to help our clients succeed.”

Learn more about the Haven Difference, our process that integrates expansive knowledge and experience in the design and construction fields with insight into what works — and what doesn’t — in marketing and advertising. Connect with us for help creating your own unique Live & Connected Home Show to meet the needs of an ever-changing world.